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Leading Masterbatches Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in Panipat

AM Group of Companies known as AM Mediplast/ AM Polymer/ AM Masterbatch Pvt Ltd. We manufacture & supply a qualitative range of PVC Granules Compound, PVC Films, Medical Grade Tubings, Black Masterbatch, White Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch, Additive Masterbatch, Filler Masterbatch etc., in Panipat. With our manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad, We deliver a wide variety of masterbatches and PVC products using quality standards, raw martial and the latest technologies. These products are known for durability, seamless finish, and heat resistance. Quality Analyst follows several parameters to test, refine and improve the quality of the products. As we serve various industries through a multi-variant range of masterbatches, we are known as “Masterbatchwala”.

Masterbatchwala has an advanced infrastructural land and a vast team comprising production, quality testing, procurement, sales & marketing, warehousing, packaging etc. Working closely, we can accomplish the biggest target within the given time frame. We ensure maintaining transparency while dealing with clients. Not only in India, but we can export the masterbatches in international countries too. We produce each kind of masterbatch & compounds for thermoplastic products.

While serving the industry with a wide range of colour masterbatches, we manufacture in different colours such as Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Blue Tone, and Yellow. Do quote us for any Masterbatches, PVC products and compounds!

Masterbatches & Compound Manufacture & Export in Panipat

Masterbatchwala is well known & leading Manufacturer , Compound & Exporter of Masterbatches, PVC products & Compounds in Panipat. Find below the wide range of quality products

Black Masterbatches

Colour Masterbatches

Modifiers Masterbatches

Polyester Masterbatches

White Masterbatches

Compounds & Blends

Pr-Coloured Resins

Toll Compounding

Mono Concentrates

Bio-Polymer Compounds

Recycling Solutions

Liquid Masterbatches

Special Effect Masterbatches

Fluorescent Masterbatches

Fragrance Masterbatches

Marble Masterbatches

Metallic Masterbatches

Pearl Masterbatches

Single Pigments Concentrates

PET/PBT Masterbatches

Polyethylene Masterbatches

Polypropylene Masterbatches

PP Colour Masterbatchess

Bulk Continuous Filament

PP Fibre & Multifilament

PP Nonwoven Masterbatches

Additive Masterbatches

Anti Microbial Masterbatches

Antiblock Masterbatches

Antifog Masterbatches

Antislip Masterbatches

Antistatic Masterbatches

Dessicant Masterbatches

Optical Brightner

Polymer Processing Aid

Purging Compound

Silicone Masterbatches

VCI Masterbatches

UV Masterbatches

Slip Masterbatches

Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Nucleating & Clarifying Masterbatches

Antioxidant Masterbatches

Filler Masterbatches

Calcium carbonate Masterbatches

Talc Masterbatches

Polymer Compound

Industries Or Markets We Cater in Panipat

Masterbatchwala serves various industries & markets in Panipat, India, for their plastic-related needs. We are not restricted to the mentioned markets; connect with us and Share your requirements.










Shed Net


PP Sheets



Leno Bags





Duct Pipe


Water Tank

Carry Bags

PPR Pipe

Lube Oil Containers

Paint Buckets

PET Preforms

DWC Pipes


Storage Tanks

Courier Bags

Garbage Bag

Extrusion Coating

Liquid Packaging

Stretch Films

Blow Moulding

Home Appliances

Building & Construction

Mulch Films

Fibers & textiles

Geo Membrane

RP Granules

Cement Bags

Water Management

Industrial Goods

PET Strapping

FMCG Packaging

Geo Textiles

Woven Fabric/ Raffia

Injection Extrusion Moulding

Polyester Yarn & Fibers

Geosynthetic & Geomembrane

Drip Pipe & Sprinkler

Household & Furniture

Multilayer & Monolayer Blown Films

Why Choose Us - As a Manufacturer of Masterbatches & PVC Compounds in Panipat

Latest technologies and modern Infrastructure

Environmental Sustainability

Excellent Manufacturing Practices

Government Approved R&D centre

Competitive Prices

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