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Polymer Processing Aid masterbatches contain fluoropolymer-based Polymer Processing Additives. Because of the incompatibility of the fluoropolymers with the plastics and the high affinity for the metal, a thin coating is formed in the extruder die. The friction between the molten plastic and the metal die-wall reduces, resulting in a reduced stress on the plastic. This eliminates the melt fracture during the extrusion of (m)LLDPE rich blends at high shear rates (output rates). The head pressure reduces. The production can be optimized. The films have a higher gloss.


  • Elimination of melt fracture
  • Reduce operating pressures
  • increase output
  • Higher levels of LLDPE in LDPE blending
  • Better mechanical properties
  • Down gauging
  • Improve processing
  • Extrusion through narrower die gaps
  • less machine direction drawing
  • better balance of properties
  • more efficient cooling
  • Reduce Die Build-up: Longer run-times in between cleaning stops
  • Reduction in gel formation during extrusion
  • Faster colour change
  • Increase gloss and improve surface smoothness
  • Reduce variations in thickness profile


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